Supporting queer and neurodiverse humans through painting the world colourful and emotional

Up-Cycled and Hand-Painted Fashion

Supporting Queer and Neurodiverse Individuals

Up-Cycled and HandPainted by Queer and NeuroSpicy Allies and Parents

Our "Violence" (toys) Line - Because Emotional Pain Hurts Too

"Dopamine Injections"

"Seeing La Vie En Colour" Eyewear Collection

Tears of Dopamine's Famous

Hats of Joy

Hand- Painted Jewelery for "Weirdos, Savages, Bosses and Thugs"

Our Exclusive Tears of Dopamine Digital Spaces

Hand-Painted Fashion

Fashion has always been the easiest way for those of use who are different to fully embrace our selves and express them proudly. We made loud pieces even louder and fun colourful bits even more so. We don't believe in "fitting in", we help you "stand out" and the bonus is that it's all in seeped in dopamine-offering colours starting with our neons, our pinks and blues and our beloved orange!


Bats, guns, nunchucks and more are objects of self-defence and statement to us at Tears of Dopamine in particular since they are but flashy toys we sprinkled colour on. We believe that whilst real violence is never the answer, we have to make a stand against emotional violence and wear these objects as a fashion and identity statement that, whilst different, we will not be silenced or easy to oppress.

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